Dentistry (endarterectomy) instrument kit ENDORE®

Dentistry (endarterectomy) instrument kit ENDORE®
Remote Endarterectomy (RE) is a less invasive alternative for revascularization of the lower extremity. LeMaitre Vascular provides tools to assist in the recanalization of the long segment occlusions in the iliac artery, superficial femoral artery, and proximal popliteal artery. RE requires the use if both surgical and endovascular techniques..
The goal of RE is to use and maintain the native artery for as long as possible, thus postponing the need for bypass. RE also helps to open and maintain large arterial side branches and collaterals upon removal of atheroma core. Patient benefits include preservation of the saphenous vein for future use. Decreased incisions allow for faster healing and fewer days spent in the hospital..
EndoRE Applications.
Long Segment Occlusions: The EndoRE procedure is performed to remove long segment flush occlusions of the SFA and iliac arteries..
Stent Removal: Dissection is made around the occluded segment and the atheroma core inclusive of the SFA is removed..
Failed Fem-Pop bypass: The native SFA is recannalized after the fem-pop bypass graft becomes non-functioning.
没有有限元流行旁路:本土SFA recannalized后流行搭桥成为无功能的有限元分析。