Scavenging system anesthetic gas 2×1,1 kW | CGA 130

Scavenging system anesthetic gas 2×1,1 kW | CGA 130
Manufactured with sheer perfection, this highly effective evacuation central station with blowers type CGA works in order to evacuate gas breathed out from patients in the operating theatres and in the rooms for after operation is complete..
This plant is flawlessly composed by two side channel blowers, which are dimensioned according to the plant it is connected to. Each central station has been dimensioned in order to satisfy the plant requirements and that too with one blower only so that the second blower is available in case of any damages..
The electric card is programmed in such a way that it automatically exchanges blowers in order to have the same wear..
A push bottom placed on the distance alarm triggers the plant which keeps the depression degree required according to the selected model.