Stent delivery catheter THE UNBALLOON™

Stent delivery catheter THE UNBALLOON™
Introducing The UnBalloon Non-Occlusive Modeling Catheter. Unlike a balloon catheter, The UnBalloon catheter allows the modeling of aortic stent grafts without occluding blood flow. The nitinol mesh expands, allowing modeling of the stent graft snugly to the vessel wall. Blood flows freely – giving ample time to model the stent graft or repair an endoleak while minimizing the risk of stent graft migration during modeling.**.
The NEW UnBalloon Non-Occlusive Modeling Catheter Features:
Non-Occlusive nitinol mesh design eliminates blood pressure spikes, which minimizes risk of stent graft migration during modeling**.
非闭塞性镍钛合金的设计消除了血压升高,使支架移位的风险建模* *在。
Radiopaque flexitip for effective trackability.
Nitinol mesh design offers the radial force of a balloon without the occlusion..
Nitinol mesh and radiopaque bands are visible under fluoroscopy without contrast.**.
镍钛合金网带是可见的射线透视下没有对比。* *。
Compatible with .035#8221; and .038#8221; guidewires for effective trackability..
兼容。035 # 8221;和8221。038 #;导线进行有效的跟踪能力..
Non-Occlusive design allows the physician to optimize radial force for stent graft modeling due to its tactile feedback.