Fiber optic headlight / with video camera BFW 7930 / 7935
What does Parallax Free mean?.
Most headlight camera systems mount the camera on top of, to the side of, or on the bottom of a surgical headlight. With such systems a manual alignment of the headlight and camera lens is necessary before or during a case. Why? As the surgeon moves closer to and from the surgical field during a case, the camera and headlight lose alignment and the surgeon#8217;s line of sight is not fully on camera. This is Parallax..
大多数头灯摄像系统安装摄像机上,旁边,或在手术前照灯底。这样的系统之前或期间的情况是必要的一个前照灯和相机镜头的手动对齐。为什么?作为一名外科医生越来越接近,从外科领域中的一个案例,相机和头灯失去对准和外科医生# 8217;的视线是不完全的相机。这是视差..
To eliminate Parallax, we developed an exclusive technology that centers our medical grade camera within our High Beam TriLens headlight. The camera and light alignment are stationary and coaxial #8211; what the surgeon looks at is always on camera. Simply point and shoot without adjustment.
为了消除视差,我们开发了一个专有技术,中心医疗级相机在高光束trilens大灯。照相机和光对准固定和同轴# 8211;什么医生看总是在相机。简单的拍摄点,无需调整。