LED curing light / dental / cordless BLUEDENT SMART

LED curing light / dental / cordless BLUEDENT SMART
– 3 sec. polymerisation with 4 powerful LED modules.
– 3 broadband LEDs covering all photoinitiators in 390-510 nm wavelength range.
3宽带LED覆盖在390-510 nm波长范围内所有光引发剂。
– Dental pulp protection from overheating – by pause between two consecutive light activations.
– Reflector optics for even distribution of light on surface and in depth.
– 9 mm light spot – every cavity polymerisation guaranteed.
– Lateral emitting of light for maximum comfort and lightguide free work.
– 4 curing modes (HYPER, STANDARD, PULSE, LONG) with different light intensity and timer.
– Easy and intuitive work – 1 Start/Stop buton and multifunctional display for timer and mode selection.
-容易和直观的工作- 1启动/停止按钮和多功能显示器定时器和模式选择。
– Integrated thermo accumulator (heat sink) for long work without overheating