Dental turbine with LED light 400000 rpm | AIRLIGHT M800

Dental turbine with LED light 400000 rpm | AIRLIGHT M800
Beyes next generation miniature generator, LED, and precision manufacturing technology allows Beyes to lead the handpiece market to a higher level of simplicity, durability and performance. This new AirLight M800-S will exceed any previous market expectations on the LED illumination. The truly innovative design of this handpiece incorporates Direct-LED Light powered by its own miniature built-in generator. This cutting edge technology allows the operator to have a clear illuminated operative field without the electrical requirement of current power optic systems. The Direct-LED is brighter with a larger light pattern than the traditional power optic systems. This light source is similar to day light and is designed to reduce eye fatigue..
How Does It Work? The drive air rotates the miniature generator. The electricity generated illuminates the LED that is optimally positioned on the face of the handpiece, providing daylight bright illumination. It is so efficient there is no loss of air pressure or torque, and the three coolant water ports provide the desired coolant spray pattern..
#8226; No fiber optic tubing required.
# 8226;不需要光纤管。
#8226; Fits 4,5,and 6 holes tubing.
# 8226;适合4,5,6孔管。
Cost Effective.
AirLight eliminates the following expenses:
#8226; Fiber optic tubing.
# 8226;光纤管。
#8226; Installation charges.
# 8226安装费用。
#8226; Expensive power optic bulbs
# 8226;昂贵的电力光纤灯