LED curing light / dental / cordless SLIMAX

LED curing light / dental / cordless SLIMAX
Beyes Canada introduces the all new Slimax cordless LED curing light with a time display panel. This slim light is ergonomically designed for user#8217;s comfort and flexibility. The light comes in four different colors giving you a d#233;cor choice with personal touch..
–加拿大介绍所有新slimax具有时间显示面板无线LED光固化。这本薄薄的光是人体工程学设计用户# 8217的舒适性和灵活性。光在四种不同的颜色给你一个D # 233;肺的选择与个人的联系。
Portability: cordless operation with a long-lasting battery..
Powerful: generates powerful ouput with 2000mW/cm2(#177;10).
功能强大:产生强大的输出和2000MW/cm2(# 177;10)。
User friendly: three modes with different curing time..
Durability: solid aluminium body set it apart from the mass of plastic competitors in quality and durability..
Ease of disinfection: seamless body design makes disinfection easier than ever.