Muscle exerciser / spinal muscles / spinal / computer-based CTT PEGASUS

Muscle exerciser / spinal muscles / spinal / computer-based CTT PEGASUS
The measurement and movement simulator system for test and training of the spine and back musculature.
Power and mobility: measured precisely, strengthened specifically.
The complexity of the back requires an equally complex system for the precise diagnosis and treatment of back problems. These requirements are ideally met by the computer-supported test and training system (CTT) PEGASUS in a very time-efficient way. The range of motion and the strength profiles of the spine-stabilizing musculature are measured in all anatomical main plains. Thus mobility and strength deficits and imbalances are identified. On the basis of these results a specific, highly efficient training (maximum strength, strength endurance, strength coordination and mobility training) of the sensomotor systems of the lumbar spine can be created. Thereby existing muscular imbalances and performance deficits are eradicated and the natural mobility and resilience of the spine reestablished and retained.