Plasma light source / headlight CHROMALUME™

Plasma light source / headlight CHROMALUME™
Groundbreaking Features:
10,000 Hours of Consistent, Safe, Ecologically Clean and Intensely Bright, White 5,800° Kelvin Lamp Life.
Normal Mode Illumination offers up to 170,000 LUX or 17,000 foot-candles of illumination @ 40cm or 16.
正常模式照明提供了高达170000力士或17000英尺烛光照明@ 40cm或16。
Quick Touch Turbo Mode Accelerates to An Unmatched Illumination Level offering up to an 220,000 LUX or 22,000 foot-candles @ 40cm or 16#8221; (exceeding 300-watt Xenon).
快速触摸Turbo模式加速无与伦比的照明水平提供了一个220000力士或22000英尺烛光@ 40cm # 8221或16;(超过300瓦氙灯)。
Unmatched 10,000-hour or Five-Year Bulb Warranty Under Normal Use — In most cases the bulb will last the life of the unit, significantly reducing the cost of ownership associated with high intensity illumination power sources.
Unparalleled Safety with Consistent, Stable Illumination #8211; Unlike Xenon and Metal Halide lamps that decay and begin to fade and lose color temperature after 100 hours, LIFI® plasma lamp intensity and color remain remarkably consistent for the entire lamp life.
一致的无与伦比的安全,稳定的照明# 8211;不像氙和金属卤化物灯,衰减和消失100小时后失去颜色温度,整个灯的寿命生活®等离子灯的亮度和色彩仍然非常一致。
LIFI® plasma bulbs do not run the risk of explosion like Xenon bulbs.
Uses 1/3 Less Energy to Operate.
1 / 3使用更少的能量来操作。
Extended Life Of Unit.
LIFI® lamp technology eliminates conventional failure modes associated with most Xenon and Metal Halide bulbs.
Advanced Ergonomic Design.
Flat Membrane Touch Pad Controls Prohibit Debris Build Up.
Low Profile Four-Port Rotating Turret Accommodates Most Fiber Optic Cables.
Color Coded Port Prevents Damaging Cables From Improper Insertion.
LCD Readout Tracks Lamp Life and Light Intensity.
Stable and Flicker-free.
LIFI® plasma lamp technology is extremely stable with no flicker or variation. As a result, signal-to-noise ratio is enhanced for sensitive applications requiring visualization and digital imaging