Training machine weight training machine / press / rehabilitation / computer-based CTT TITAN
The active or passive leg press with computer-supported measuring and positioning systems for a rapid rehabilitation.
Fine tuning for an earlier rehabilitation.
The isoLegPress TITAN with computer-supported measuring and positioning systems is used for the test and biofeedback-led training of foot, knee and hip #8211; under auxotonic and isometric working conditions. Range of motion and strength development of the lower extremities can be measured in any given angle or position (left/right, simultaneously or consecutively). The computer-supported test and training system (CTT) TITAN identifies thus existing performance deficits, defines specific treatment aims and documents the achieved results..
随着计算机支持的测量和定位系统,用于测试和生物反馈训练的LED脚isolegpress泰坦,膝关节和髋关节# 8211;auxotonic等长的条件下工作。了下肢的运动和强度发展的范围可以在任何角度或位置测量(左/右,同时或连续)。计算机支持的测试和训练系统(CTT)泰坦确定因此现有的性能缺陷,定义了特定的治疗目标和文件所取得的结果。
Thanks to CTT TITAN#8217;s finely tuned and easy system of dosage, a differentiable strain can be applied and rehabilitation training can begin much earlier than has hitherto been possible. Thus muscles and mobility do not decrease to the degree they would with conventional methods due to the quick return to use. In this manner, CTT TITAN accelerates the rehabilitation process demonstrably.