Baby monitor video JBY 101

Baby monitor video JBY 101
JBY 101 is an installation-free baby monitor which uses EcoMode for low emission and energy efficient transmission. Digital wireless technology is used for excellent sound quality. It offers integrated night light and 360deg; rotating camera with magnetic feet..
JBY 101是一个免安装婴儿监视器采用ECOMODE低排放和能源效率的传输。数字无线技术用于高质量的声音。它提供了集成的夜灯,360deg;磁尺旋转相机。
Infrared u2013 night vision function is available for automatic video surveillance at night. It provides visual noise level monitoring with flashing LEDs and 5 brightness levels for optimal contrast settings..
It offers interference-free transmission and 100 privacy with 69 different channels. To avoid interrupted contact, range control-signal is present with a strength up to 150 meters..
It includes 3 Janosch sticker and calming lullabies, which can be switched off/on by the parent unit.