Communication web application / data management / medical 15″ | MyMediNet

Communication web application / data management / medical 15″ | MyMediNet
MyMediNet: The first of its kind Online-Portal for Patients-Infotainment in Clinics and Hospitals..
It gives you important software as a service, apps and entertainment from the Cloud: -.
With their online portal MyMediNet, BEWATEC offers an open system featuring an automatic update service..
他们的在线门户mymedinet bewatec,提供了一个开放的系统具有自动更新的服务。
Comfortable Administration:-.
With the online management system you will be able to manage, configure and update all multimedia devices online. Guess what? This all, you can enjoy without any service contract. .
Also, it gives you Maximal Entertainment and Patient training without Provision Fees. It will offer you amazing and mind boggling collections of 2500 blockbusters, books, magazines, 2200 movies focusing on health, nutrition, mother amp; child..
Future-proof System:
The Cloud-based system always remains up-to-date providing Innovations, system updates and modern performance features directly and free of extra costs..
Maximal Individuality:
Thanks to a variety of apps it provides, you will be able to configure your device according to your wish and even develop your own apps.