Waist heart rate monitor / wireless PM 250
PM250 heart rate monitor comes with textile chest trap which provides the Runtastic app with heart rate data without the help of an additional adapter. The device is compatible from iPhone 4s and iPhone 5, and gives 2-in-1 signal transmission via Bluetoothreg; smart and analogue method (5.3 KHz).Further, it has individual training range and alarm, and shows average and max heart rate,side by side giving an accurate ECG heart rate measurement. Moreover, the device depicts the calorie consumption in kcal along with suggesting 5 training zones .Also, the monitor shows date, time and has a stop watch, accompanied with GPS navigation, speed and route recording, which can be viewed with your Smartphone. The device also gives Voice output in DE, EN, FR, IT and ES, and is splash proof..
pm250心率监视器来与纺织胸部陷阱提供runtastic APP与心率数据而无需额外的适配器的帮助。该设备兼容iPhone 4S和iPhone 5,给出了信号的传输通过bluetoothreg二合一;智能与模拟方法(5.3千赫)。此外,它有个人的培训范围和报警,并显示平均和最大心率,一边给一个精确的心电图心率的测量方。此外,该装置将热量消耗热量随着建议5训练区。同时,显示器显示日期,时间,秒表,带有GPS导航,速度和路线记录,可以用你的智能手机。该装置还提供了语音输出,EN,FR,和ES,是防溅的。
For more information on the product and online account one can visit the site www.runtastic.com.