Electro-stimulator physiotherapy device / EMS / TENS / hand-held EM 80
The E80 is a 3 in 1 medical device that caters to TENS, EMS, and massages. It has 4 separately adjustable channels with 8 self-adhesive electrodes and has 30 pre-programmed applications with adjustable treatment times. It also offers 20 programs that can be freely customized in terms of frequency, pulse width, ON and OFF time, etc. This device also has the ‘Doctor’s’ function which is ideal for coordination with your personal therapy program. This device has an easy to read display due to its illuminated background.
这是一个3 1 E80医疗设备,迎合了几万,EMS,和按摩。它有4个独立可调的通道和8个自粘电极和具有30个预编程的应用程序的处理时间可调。它还提供了20的程序,可以自由定制的频率,脉冲宽度,和关闭的时间,等这个装置也有“医生”的功能,是理想的与您的个人治疗方案协调。该装置具有一个易于阅读的显示器因其背景照明。