Shiatsu massage armchair MC 5000

Shiatsu massage armchair MC 5000
MC 5000 is an individual adjustable full-body massaging chair with 4-head massage system. This chair has 5 individual selectable massage programs; namely, shiatsu, tapping, kneading and rolling massage, spot and partial massage..
MC 5000是一个独立可调全体4头按摩系统按摩椅。这把椅子有5个人选择按摩程序;即,指压,敲击,揉捏和滚动按摩,点测光和局部推拿。
MC 5000 performs an automatic body scanning function and also gives a foot reflex zone massage. This massage program performs 3 individually selectable massage programs – Relax, Refresh and Therapy..
MC 5000执行自动扫描功能并进行足部反射区按摩。这按摩程序执行3个单独选择按摩放松,刷新和治疗的。
Itrsquo;s built with separate air pressure massage for seat, calf and foot area that can be activated. Built with a horizontal rest function, MC 5000 provides a relaxation position.
它与座椅分离;气压按摩了,小腿和足部区域,可以激活。与水平休息功能建,MC 5000提供了一个放松的位置。