Shiatsu massage seat cover MG 290 cream

Shiatsu massage seat cover MG 290 cream
The MG 290 cream is a massage chair by Shiatsu which penetrates 3D back massage, height-adjustable neck massage (2 massage fingers), spot massage and soothing rolling massage..
MG 290霜是由贯穿3D背部按摩指压按摩椅,高度可调的颈部按摩(2个按摩手指),点按摩和舒缓的按摩..
It provides switchable lighting and heating function, and ergonomic bucket seat with washable covers (40deg;C) giving vibration massage and in-seat heating. Easy operation with 2 speeds for massage and manual control switch which goes off automatically in 15 minutes. Massage areas can be selected (upper, lower and full back).
It boasts of handy hook for convenient storage in cupboards, Solid back cover and PU leather-optic-coated surface, soft velour plus breathable mesh.